what's up it's me jasper, a.k.a. twitter user @holovictory. i thought i'd try making a neocities because the formatting on twpf.jp is unworkable & anyways it's so fucking trendy AND BESIDES i think it's turned out ADORABLE so far but absolutely tell me what you think (licking your praise & compliments off the earthen floor) i need these to live
let's see!! i'm jasper, i'm 25 years old, i'm a libra sun/cap moon/aries rising and my birthday is october 15th (normally it's a heavy depression time for me & goes largely uncelebrated because of this but what can you do!!)...i'm also an enfj, enneagram 7w2, sanguine temperament, global 5 SCUAI, chaotic good alignment, moei motiv, yellow aura, sage & server 7 personality types because i'm sure you were all reeeally curious. i speak english and some spanish (i understand it MUCH better than i speak it but again What Can You Do) and i'm learning german and portuguese aaand...possibly russian when i'm less busy because i've forgotten it more or less completely lmao whoopsies. he/they pronouns only. i'm autistic, mentally ill & physically disabled but it's not really something i'm eager to discuss in detail on so public a forum BUT it's discussed in depth on my listo and ofc if you've got any questions you can ask me!! i'd just prefer that you do so privately.
unfortunately i had to leave school due to financial issues and some increasingly severe health problems but i still absolutely love to learn and read and study & i'll talk a lot about what i'm reading at the time!! if it's a subject you're at all interested in please please please feel free to ask there's nothing i love more than running my mouth for hours at a time about the areas of my expertise
i'm willing to tag any of my interests!! just ask
☆ i absolutely love music and art and poetry with all my heart and soul & if you'd ever like to discuss any of them (reclines across the grand piano that's conveniently materialized in my living room) i am literally right here
♡ history!! i LOVE history, i really find it so fascinating as a whole but the two subjects i've studied the most are nazi germany (edgy i know) and polar exploration in general and the franklin expedition in particular. if we're being honest here i haven't unclenched my ass for a SECOND since the wreck of the terror was recovered
☆ exhales i love beauty & fashion although i've got generally bad and edgy taste
♡ i love web design!! personally i find it really relaxing :")
☆ pokemon & overwatch!!
♡ honestly i haven't watched anime in a hot minute but you'll still see some jjba on occasion incidentally i LOVE polnareff he is me
☆ mad max fury road bc me & furiosa are married i'm so happy for us wow
♡ i'm slogging through boardwalk empire rn (i use the word slogging because it's a good show but i've grown to dislike basically everybody but richard, who i'd die for)
☆ horror & cryptozoology!!
♡ black sails (my legs collapse in on themselves like accordions, so that my torso is 3 inches from my feet) i love jack rackham he's me also i have yet to meet anybody else who's interested in this one so i guess it doesn't matter much
☆ obviously i love inglourious basterds points to my url
♡ i hate the bad show game of thrones but i love the bad character theon greyjoy so expect me to talk about him often & loudly (shit gushing uncontrollably from my blackened & toothless mouth) he's me. Actually he isn't, not at all, but listen. Listen
☆ before you follow i do have to mention that i'm recovering from anorexia and bulimia which i understand are potentially really upsetting subjects but because they're such a massive preoccupation for me i talk about them fairly frequently and i can't guarantee something won't slip through the cracks untagged. i do try to limit discussion of it to my private, though!!
♡ i'm a largely recovered drug & alcohol abuser which i tend to joke about quite a lot and because it's just second nature to me to joke about these things it doesn't necessarily...occur to me to tag it? not that i'm unwilling ofc!! just that i often forget so if that's something you need tagged at all times i really can't guarantee that it will be...
☆ no new followers under 16, please!! it's nothing personal at all i'm just old
god i was thinking i'd link to my wishlists but there's so much that needs to be deleted from them i'll get to it eventually
@irlalphys is my dragon maid gf who rests her breasts on my head as i rummage through the fridge for a cool crisp san pellegrino
also please kill @shohokutensai